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Rimless, One piece glass CNC brace, Euro standard multipiece, Reef Star will make recommendations according to size of aquarium.
Miter seams, Standard seams
We have several options for backgrounds materials. Our back painted backgrounds are permanent epoxy. The back side of the aquarium will have a matte finish. With our laminated backgrounds images or logos are embedded between layers of glass. Our etched backgrounds are sandblasted or acid etched depending on the background style. Back painted permanent epoxy, Vinyl, Laminated, Etched.
Reef Star Overflows are one of a kind. All glass overflows created on our CNC. Acrylic one piece tops are also available.
We recommend external overflow boxes on aquariums with open access on the back side. External overflows push aquariums away from walls leaving the plumbing visible when viewing from sides. This can also make bulkhead installation or repairs difficult. Our external overflows are notched into the top of the glass panel. No holes as this weakens the back panel of the aquarium. Standard internal overflows are built from glass including the lids. We have options for acrylic lids as well.
Our team of select craftsmen will built the perfect cabinetry per your request.
Simple aluminum or steel frames only. Includes all materials to place your Reef Star aquarium. PVC board and appropriate foam thickness for size aquarium. Painted or powder coated to match your request.
We offer three options for filtration. Glass sumps, Royal Exclusiv Dreambox sumps, Bashsea- Acrylic sumps

Reef Star LLC warrants all manufactured aquariums. Aquariums using stands bought through Reef Star have a 3 year warranty. Aquariums using stands built by  a licensed carpenter approved by Reef Star have a 2 year warranty. Aquariums using stands not approved by Reef Star warranty is void. This warranty is non-transferable and is only available to the original purchaser who has completed a warranty registration form below and submitted to Reef Star within 30 days of purchase. If purchased from a local dealer the aquarium will include instructions for warranty registration. A warranty registration form must be submitted below within 30 days including serial number from aquarium.   

This warranty is subject to the following conditions: 

  • If the aquarium is not installed and maintained using a compatible stand purchased or approved by Reef Star, this warranty is void.
  • Aquarium failure must be the result of a defect in fabrication. Modification or alteration of the aquarium by drilling, cutting, removing bracing other similar means voids warranty.
  • The aquarium bottom must be fully supported on a flat level surface using a solid hardwood top and a minimum of 1" styrofoam. If using a metal stand, solid hardwood and minimum 1" styrofoam are still required. Aquariums using Reef Star stands can be placed on 1/4" Polyethylene or Neoprene foam, Unless otherwise noted by Reef Star. If the aquarium bottom is not fully supported the warranty is void. If aquarium is placed temporarily on any surface other than foam the warranty is void.
  • This warranty is limited to the replacement of the aquarium and does not cover livestock loss, personal injury, property damage, incidental or consequential damage. Reef Star liability is limited to the replacement of the aquarium only. By purchasing and operating an aquarium from Reef Star you acknowledge and accept the risk of any accidents and/or damage arising from misuse, poor maintenance, incorrect installation and future use.
  • Stands and canopies are excluded from any warranty

To be effective, the warranty form below must be filled out completely including aquarium serial number and submitted within 30 days of purchase.  

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We can provide a shipping estimate prior to start. Actual shipping costs will be defined after the aquarium has been crated and weighed.            ALL FREIGHT DELIVERIES ARE TO THE STREET AND NO FURTHER without additional costs.

  • If you need your aquarium delivered into your home, there are options available.
  • No aquarium can be shipped without the customer purchasing Insurance.
  • Our Freight Company will contact you to schedule a delivery day and time to a residence. If you are at a business and would like to have a delivery appointment, let us know.
  • Once we have provide the shipper your aquarium, you will be provided a tracking number and the approximate date of arrival by email.
  • In case of a lost or damaged product, we will work closely with the shipper to get the product found or a claim filed with the shipper for them to pay for the damaged product.
  • You must inspect your product upon delivery. If your product is damaged upon receipt, you must refused to accept it. If you sign the shippers document for the product, you are saying you received it and it is in good condition. Refusing the shipment will assure free return delivery to Reef Star for repairs/replacement.

If you have any questions, concerns or wish have one of these services provided please contact us before you order.


If you’re interested in becoming a Reef Star retailer, you must have a business license and a retail store front. Applications from installers/maintenance companies must have a business license and been in business 2+ years. Reef Star reviews completed applications in the order they are received and will notify you when a decision is made. Incomplete applications will not be processed or considered.

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